Mission / Vision

The Founder’s vision

The Founder of Country Risk Chile recognizes the key strategic importance of high standards in research, analysis and critical engagement  to produce sensible, insightful and world-class products in order to help business and governmental leaders  diagnose, anticipate and re-adapt to collaterals resulting from political decisions affecting the market.  

To that end, the Founder of Country Risk Chile presents a prospect of the political year with the top-5 risks and opportunities for the coming year and monitors their development to estimate the impact on the market and provide advice for prospective investors looking for  business opportunities in Chile,  in the short and long term.

The Founder’s Mission

The Founder of Country Risk Chile is committed to deliver analytical products to business and governmental leaders by bringing the political landscape into the overall picture and making sense of the variables at play as a strategic tool in business decisions. 

The Founder relies on her expertise in the field of international affairs and political science namely intra- , inter- and global forces acting on all spheres of life to identify trends, risks, opportunities and threats to investment, governance and stability.

The Founder of Country Risk Chile is a strong advocate of sustainable growth, human right protections, justice and equality, and therefore her mission is ultimately the promotion of peace and the care of the environment for the future generations.