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Ma. Soledad Soza R.

Interested in Environmental Discourse and Global Governance. Applied Linguistics and Translational Studies BA with a MSc in Political Science with a major in International Relations from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Currently in the role of Guest Editor at Frontiers, Human Dynamics Journal.  Doing her PgCert on Global Security at King's College London. Skilled and trained to provide a scholarly and executive analysis on the political, economic, social variables affecting all spheres of life (foreign policy, education, government, civil society) on account of inter-state-, intra-state, and global forces. Able to identify risks and opportunities in areas of growth & development, foreign investment, productivity, and competitiveness in Chile, and Latin America, based on structural, ideological, and historical processes and political decisions. Able to explain policy-making and decision-taking at the governmental level on account of internal politics and globalization trends. 

Someone with a 10-year of experience as a Professor and Lecturer at various universities in Chile.  Committed to life-long learning and high standards in academic output.  A strong advocate of human rights, peace, and environmental care, and asylum.  Also someone with a rich international experience of 3 years in Europe.

Currently assessing IWC (International Woodland Company) on the social unrest of 2019 in Chile and on the political process for a Constitutional Referendum in October 2020 and presidential elections 2021.  Reference on Linkedin

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Updated May 3, 2022