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  • A 25 year cycle

    A 25 year cycle

    With the demise of Pinochet’s rule in 1989, the Concertación de Partidos por la Democracia started a 25-year-political cycle marked by stability and growth.

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  • Economic resilience

    Economic resilience

    Bloomberg estimates that Chile has a 5% chance to be hit by recession as China continues slowdown. Thanks to prudent macroeconomics policies, Standard & Poor’s have again confirmed AA+ on financial resilience in Chile.

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  • Social Change

    Social Change

    By the end of 2015, however, Bachelet’s NM government acknowledged the end of the commodities boom and the necessity to readapt the government’s priorities. There were 2 choices only: either maintain the path of progress seen in Chile for the last 25 years or “go south” by falling into the trap of populist decisions.

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  • Blind justice

    Blind justice

    One direct benefit from the apparent attrition in the political class and entrepreneurial elite, was the establishment of an Ethical Commission made up of experts and leaders from the academia to set high standards and design new legislation to rule party elections, campaign financing, new “comers” (new parties from the public sphere) and a limit to re-election of MP’s.

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  • Productivity


    WEF’s country report 2015 / 2016 puts Chile on the 35th position in the competitiveness ranking worldwide (140 countries). Even though Chile is 2 positions below in the ranking compared to 2014, Chile still leads in the Latin American region.

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